The circadian rhythm study

For those people who want to know the maximum alertness hours of the day, what are those hours where they tend to be drowsy and what is the recommended wake up time the circadian rhythm study is especially useful.

There is a natural tendency in the human being to take a nap, which is poorly contemplated in our society. With the circadian rhythm study we get to know what is the real trend of each individual to nap, which can be important for society production. The Sleep Center has designed a method to study the rhythm of each person trying to answer these questions.

Should you desire to study your circadian rhythm you must know that this will provide a great approach to the average level of:



  • Sleeping time
  • Needed time to fall asleep
  • Number of full awakenings per night
  • Time of staying in bed after waking up
  • Time required to achieve maximum wakefulness
  • Sleepiness during the day
  • Tendency to nap and the most appropriate schedule for it
  • Recommended wake up time

To perform the study you only need to fill out a simple test for an entire month but it does not take more than a minute per day. Using a computer analysis designed in our center we obtain all these data. The study is only useful to identify the tendency to sleep and waking, being a complementary test to the polysomnographic studies that may be indicated to detect specific pathology.



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